Animate your asia email list and monetize your audience thanks to Teezily

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    Animate your asia email list and monetize your audience thanks to Teezily

    Teezily is a startup offering to design and sell personalized t-shirts using social networks and particularly facebook. The site provides its sellers with tools so that the cost of acquiring their customers on their sale is as low as possible. You can thus use the facebook checkout pixel, the retargeting pixel, google analytics and internal messaging to asia email list your acquisition and get the most benefit from your sales on teezily. With just a few clicks, you can create products (t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies) in a wide range of colors to optimize your sales and address the long-tail on the same sale, called the every sale campaign. , how does it work? Creating a campaign on teezily is very simple and very fast. 

    See below for the detailed procedure. 2: you define a sales target and a campaign period (up to 20 days). Be careful to remain realistic because if the objective is too high, the traffic purchased on teezily will not convert because your traffic may estimate that the campaign will never be printed if they are among the first buyers. It seems obvious that the designer's conversion will be much better if they set a goal of 10 than if their goal is 1000. Depending on how many asia email list the designer uses on their design and how many products they hopes to sell, teezily determines a price from which the creator adds the margin he wishes to make to acquire customers. Then, the seller writes a concise message to the attention of the community he is targeting and which will appear next to the product he has put up for sale. 

    3: once your post is ready, the creator chooses their custom url and promotes it using the facebook ads marketing tool. Example: www.Teezily.Com/webmarketingcom 4: all you have to do is go to facebook's marketing tool to prepare your sponsored post, which will include the personalized url of your teezily campaign. (as a good community asia email list I'm sure you'll have no trouble doing that). 5: the campaign is over, if the goal is reached, the t-shirts are shipped by teezily, you don't have to do anything, just collect your profit. If the goal is not reached, the campaign is canceled and people are, of course, not charged. 2 examples of using teezily 1: make money! Submitting products on facebook is a great way to make money. Some campaigns on teezily have reached 3800 products for an roi of over 100%. Some have left their job to devote themselves to it full time and launch dozens of sales per week. 

    The downside is that creating a product usually takes a lot of time and money. At teeziiy, in a few minutes you will sell your products without constraint and easily monetize your creations. In this case, I am thinking particularly of blogs and other editorial sites. 2: support a good cause! Do you want to raise funds for an association? Teezily can also asia email list you with this. You create a campaign with t-shirts representing the association's values ​​and raise funds for it. If necessary, teezily can send the money directly to the association of your choice. Again time saving and increased efficiency. Association t-shirt examplelaunch your teezily campaign in 3 steps to show you the simplicity of creating a campaign, let's test teezily together. 1: click on "Launch a campaign". You must then choose a product, write a text and upload your image. 

    Teezily 2: set a realistic sales goal to maximize your campaign's chances of success. Teezily 3: give your campaign a name and description. Then set an end date (up to 20 days) and choose a custom url. Example. At any time you can save and asia email list later if necessary. At this time, all you have to do is promote your sales page in order to raise your funds. Example below. Teezily our opinion teezily has a simple and efficient interface. No waste of time, in a few minutes your sales page is online and you can promote it. If you would like more information, I recommend that you contact charles, co-founder of teezily, who has "Courses" available to you that explain in detail how his marketplace works and how to promote your t-shirts on facebook. A healthy read for your winter evenings…
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